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419 East 77th Street
New York, N.Y. 10075
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Welcome to Chabad Lubavitch of the Upper East Side of Manhattan
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Chabad Upper East Side, 419 East 77th Street, New York, N.Y. 10075  (212) 717-4613
Park East Kosher
We deliver weekly to Manhattan
Raskin's Fish
Candle Lighting Times: 

March 8 5:37 pm
March 15 6:44 pm
March 22 6:52 pm
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Make your legacy a Jewish future!
Please consider the eternal impact that you can have with a planned gift to the future of Jewish life in our community. Leaving a portion of your estate to Chabad is the simplest way to reduce estate taxes and the easiest way to leave a Jewish legacy.
Leave an eternal legacy to the Jewish community. 
Remember Chabad Upper East Side in your will.

For more information on planned giving contact Rabbi Krasnianski 212.717.4613
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Upcoming Events

Taanit Esther: 
Wednesday, March 20 
Mincha and Machatzit Hashekel: 6:30 pm
Maariv: 7:30 pm 
Megillah Reading: 7:40 pm
Late Megillah 9:30 pm

Purim Day
Thursday, March 21 
7:00 am Shacharit
7:30 am Megillah
Late Megillah 10:00 am
Late late Megillah 4:30 pm
5:30 pm Seuda RSVP

March 26
"Creating Inner Happiness"​
Focus on becoming the person of your dreams and your dreams will find you! With Rebbetzin Chaya Sora Jungreis-Gertzulin

Chabad Annual Gala
Sunday, March 31, 2019
The Bohemian National Hall RSVP

Pesach Seders
First Seder, April 19 8:15 pm
Second Seder, April 20 8:30 pm

Chabad Israel / Ukraine Trip
July 20 - 31, 2018
A trip of a lifetime!!!!
with Rabbi Ben Tzion and Chanie Krasnianski Click here 

​Camp Gan Israel - Preschool Division July 8 - August 9
Registration now open
Register now!
      CGI Camp Registration is now open!