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Welcome to Chabad Lubavitch of the Upper East Side of Manhattan
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Listen to the universally
 popular and most widely published 
Chassidic Mystical Classic "Tanya" taught by
Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski
Chabad Upper East Side, 419 East 77th Street, New York, N.Y. 10075 ~ (212) 717-4613 •
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​​Shabbat Chazzon Shabbaton
July 24-25
Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat: 
8:00 pm
Shabbat Dinner with 
Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski
"The Vision of the Third Temple"
9:00 pm 
RSVP 212-717-4613 x2
$36 adult / $18 child

Shabbat Day, July 25
9:00 Chassidut Class
9:30 am Shacharit
Grand Kiddush -Sponsored by Mel Trepper in loving memory of his parents Ruth bat Mordechai & David ben Yichezkel
followed by Mincha at 1:40 pm
Tisha B'Av Fast begins 8:22 pm
Shabbat ends 9:05 pm

Tisha B'Av Schedule:
Shabbat (Saturday) evening, 
July 25th, Tisha B'Av eve
Maariv 9:15 pm
Eicha 9:30 pm

Sunday, July 26th, 
Tisha B'Av Morning
Shachrit (No Tallit and Tefillin): 9:00 am followed by Kinot
Mincha (with Tallit and Tefillin): 
7:30 pm
Maariv: 8:40 pm
Fast Ends: 8:53 pm

May we merit to celebrate Tisha B'Av this year together with Moshiach and the rebuilding of our third Holy Temple, AMEN!

Tuesday Tanya Shiur
Listen to the universally popular and most widely published 
Chassidic Mystical Classic "Tanya" taught by Rabbi Krasnianski

50+ Lunch and Learn
with Rabbi Krasnianski
12:30 PM

Candle Lighting Times:

Friday, July 24: 8:01pm

Friday, July31: 7:54pm

Friday, August 7: 7:46pm

Friday, August 14: 7:37pm

Friday, August 21: 7:28pm

Friday, August 28: 7:17pm

For candle light times anywhere in the world 
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Upcoming Events
Shabbat Chazzon Shabbaton
Friday Night Live, July 24

Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat: 8:00 pm

Community Dinner with Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski

"The Vision of the Third Temple"

9:00 pm - RSVP $36 per person                                  RSVP 212-717-4613 x2

Come Home for the Holidays!

Join Chabad Upper East Side for the Holidays

High Holidays 2015 - 5776

Rosh Hashanah: 
September 13 - 15

Yom Kippur: 
September 22-23

$100 donation per person
RSVP 212-717-4613 x2