Gimmel Tammuz Shabbaton

July 1-2, 2022



Friday, Night July 1 

Candle lighting: 8:13 pm
8:20 pm Mincha/Maariv
9:00 pm Dinner - RSVP

RSVP $65

Shabbat Day, July 2

9:00 am The Rebbe's last Chassidic Discourse 
9:30 am Services
10:30 am Reading of the Torah accompanied by penetrating Chassidic insights from the Rebbe into the Torah and it's relevance to our lives. 
Followed by Grand Kiddush 
1:30 PM  Stump the Rabbis 
9:15 pm Evening service, Havdallah and the Living Torah 

9:21 pm Shabbat ends