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Important Update
Dear Friend, It's with a heavy heart that we close the doors of the Chabad House at 419 East 77 Street including the morning Kollel and Minyan, the classes, and Shabbat services, until after the holiday of Pesach. For Jews who kept synagogues open during the worst years of the Stalinist persecution this decision was not taken lightly. With the rampant spreading of the disease, however, we can no longer safeguard the life and health of all our community members especially those who are most vulnerable. Pikuach Nefesh overrides all other considerations even if we could save one single life we must take these drastic measures. The women's Mikvah will remain open during the by appointment only. You should come totally prepared to immerse and do all of your preparations at home. If you are quarantined or showing signs of illness please do not come to the Mikvah. Text 612-483-5720 or email uesmikvah@gmail.com to schedule you time slot. Visit our website for updates www.uesmikvah.com. If you have any questions or are unsure if you can immerse speak to your Rabbi and be in touch with us. The Daf Yomi daily Talmud class will be given virtually. Please email us at rabbi@chabaduppereastside.com with your cell number and we will add you to the Daily Talmud What’s App group. The entire Tanya class with Rabbi Krasnianski is available online at www.tanyaclass.com. Our Prayer classes are available at myprayerclass.com with many more classes soon to be added. Our Kollel will begin a live stream of a variety of classes. Visit our website for links to online learning as we expand our offerings over the next few days. Our website is www.chabaduppereastside.com We are living through unprecedented and Biblical times. The exodus from Egypt is the model for the imminent redemption of Moshiach. On the last night they spent in Egypt every Jew was quarantined at home. The Torah (Exodus 12:22) tells us the Jewish people were commanded: Not a single one of you may go out the door of his house until the morning. So clean your house for Pesach, cherish your family, pray (in times of crisis such as this prayer is Biblically mandated according to most halakhic authorities.) and study more Torah. Pack your bags because the Jewish people are going home for Pesach to the Upper East Side of Jerusalem overlooking the third Temple together with Moshiach tzidkeinu. This Shabbat, we have an unprecedented opportunity! Every Jew around the world will be home for Shabbat; no restaurants, theater or shopping. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai taught that if all the Jewish people kept Shabbat, Moshiach would come immediately. Please join 14 million Jews around the world and keep this coming Shabbat. Light the Shabbat candles, close the TV's and the internet. For 24 hours celebrate Shabbat. Enjoy a Shabbat meal with your family, pray, study and catch up on your Jewish reading. With heartfelt prayers for a refuah sheleima for all those affected by the virus. Please stay safe, stay healthy, follow the guidelines of the authorities and together, with Hashem’s help, we will come through this. Have a sweet, kosher and a healthy Pesach, Rabbi Ben Tzion and Chanie Krasnianski
About Chabad Upper east Side There is no mystery about our philosophy: A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Love every Jew; educate every Jew; reach out to help every Jew. We open our arms and hearts to all, regardless of education or affiliation. That is a commitment that we have honored on the Upper East Side since 1991. Chabad of the Upper East Side is part of the Chabad-Lubavitch world-wide organization under the auspices of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson ob”m. Our center is located at 419 East 77th Street and includes a Shul, The Upper East Side Kollel, The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah for Women, a Vessel Mikvah, Chabad Preschool, Hebrew School, and Adult education classes. Chabad Upper East Side also has affilitates throughout the neighborhood including Chabad of Hunter College, Chabad Israel Center, Chabad Young Professionals, Friendship Circle UES, Chabad Care: hospital visitations, and The Jewish Conversation. Please enjoy browsing our site and exploring different opportunities for learning and growth. Feel free to reach out to us for an questions or comments. We look forward to meeting you. 212 717-4613 ueschabad@gmail.com