Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. It is the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, and a day of judgment and coronation of G‑d as king.


Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the universe, the day G‑d created Adam and Eve, and it’s celebrated as the head of the Jewish year. It begins at sundown on the eve of Tishrei 1 (Sept. 15) and ends after nightfall on Tishrei 2 (Sept. 17, 2023).

The central observance of Rosh Hashanah is blowing the shofar (ram’s horn) on both mornings of the holiday (except on Shabbat), which is normally done in synagogue as part of the day’s services.

Rosh Hashanah feasts traditionally include round challah bread (studded with raisins) and apples dipped in honey, as well as other foods that symbolize our wishes for a sweet year.

Other Rosh Hashanah observances include candle lighting in the evenings and desisting from creative work.

Together with Yom Kippur (which follows 10 days later), it is part of the Yamim Nora'im (Days of Awe, or High Holidays). 

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Welcome to Chabad Upper East Side High Holiday Services. Join us for inspiring and uplifting services filled with melody, insights, and warmth. Our services are open to all Jews, regardless of affilitation. No synagogue membership required. The prayer book is hebrew and english, with many of the prayers sung in english. The Rabbi shares meaningful insights and explanations, making the service relevant, enjoyable and inspirtional. 

This year daytime services will be held at the Bohemian National Hall and evening services will be at the Chabad House at 419 East 77th Street. All Yom Kippur services will be at the Bohemian National Hall. $180 donation includes all services (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.)





Erev Rosh Hashana

6 am - 1:00 pm The Mikvah is open for Men

$25 for non members


Rosh Hashana Eve

Friday, September 15

Candle lighting: 6:47 pm

Services are at Chabad UES - 6:50 pm

Followed by dinner at Chabad RSVP


Shabbat Day, September 16

Services are at the Bohemian National Hall

Services  9:00 am

Children's Program 11:00 am

Followed by Kiddush


Mincha 6:30 pm at Chabad

Maariv at Chabad 7:15 pm

Light Candles after 7:44 pm

(from a pre-existing flame)


Sunday, September 17

Services are at the Bohemian National Hall

Services 9:00 am

Children's Program 11:00 am

Shofar blowing Approx. 11:45 am

3:00 pm Mincha at the Bohemian Hall

3:30 pm Tashlich - We walk over to the East River

6:30 pm farbrengen at Chabad

Followed by Maariv.

Holiday ends 7:43 pm




High Holidays Services Donation: $180 per person

Holiday Dinner $65