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5784 /2023

Hoshana Rabbah

Friday, October 6

7:30 am

Special Hoshana Services 

Hoshanat are available for purchase for $10

Shemini Atzeret Eve, Oct 6
Light Candles 6:12 pm
6:15 pm Services

7:00 - 7:45 pm beautiful grand Kiddush buffet

7:45 pm Hakafot: Exclusive to Chabad! Come and bring your family!


Shemini Atzeret Day, Shabbos, October 7
Services 9:30am
Yizkor 11:45am

Followed by beautiful kiddush in the Sukkah

Simchat Torah Eve, Oct 7

Mincha / Maariv 6:00 pm 

Followed by Grand Kiddush
Candle Lighting after 7:09 pm (from a pre-existing flame)
8:00 pm:
Simchat Torah Street Festival
Hakafot & Childrens Activities 
- Join us with friendss and family!


Simchat Torah Day

Sunday, October 8

Services 10:00 am
11:15 am Morning Kiddush followed by

Atah Hareisah and community members resolutions and Hakafot

1:30 pm Special Simchat Torah Reading of the Torah and Aliyot for all men
3:30 pm Grand Kiddush
Mincha & Farbrengen  5:45 pm
Maariv & Havdalah7:07pm