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The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah: A Spa for the Soul

Exclusively for Jewish Brides and Married Women for the purpose of Family Purity (laws of Niddah).

The Mikvah is located at 419 East 77th Street, the street level entrance. 

What to expect:

After descending a grand staircase, the Mikvah attendant will welcome you and escort you to one of our eight magnificent preparation rooms. We offer a spacious Bridal Suite for the bride-to-be. Each room is equipped with a multi-directional shower or jacuzzi bathtub. Relax amidst soft music and radiant floor heating. Amenities available to help with your preparations include luxurious towels and robes, personal toiletries. Each client receives a new toothbrush, comb, and slippers which you are welcome to take home with you!

Our new updated intercom system allows you choose your music selection, indicate if you need additional amenities, and notify the attendant that you are ready. The attendant will then escort you to immerse in the Mikvah, a pristine miniature pool of warm water that lies beneath a mosaic of blue sky and white clouds. It is meticulously cleaned. After you descend and immerse once in the warm Mikvah waters, you recite a blessing and then immerse two more times (or if you have a different personal custom regarding how many times you dip or when you say the prayer).  The Mikvah attendant can assist you with the blessing. After immersion, you will have time to yourself to focus and pray. 

This is an opportune moment to pray for yourself and for all your loved ones.

Please click here for a review and for the guidelines for determining your Mikvah night and how to prepare for your mikvah immersion. 

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