Friday, January 19 

4:45 pm Services

5:45 pm Dinner RSVP

Featuring "How Chassidus changed my life" Rabbi Avrohom Tzvi Cohen

"Where do we go from here?" Rabbi Mendel Krasnianski

"Divine Madness" Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski

8:30 pm Dessert and Farbrengen - The entire community is invited.


Shabbat Day, January 20

9:00 am Why did G‑d Create the World? Basi L'Gani / The Rebbe's first chassidic discourse. Rabbi Sruli Bresinger

9:30 am Services

Grand Kiddush followed by

1:00 pm "Curious Minds, Sacred Answers: An Open Forum Panel with our Rabbis"

2:00 pm Mincha

Tea room open

Join us for 2 fascinating classes by Rabbi Yosef Y. Krasnianski and Rabbi Mottel Silverstein 

4:30 pm Shalosh Seudos with Stories and Chassidic Melodies

5:40 pm Maariv, Havdalah and the Living Torah

General Shabbat Schedule:

 Friday Evening

 5 minutes after candle lighting Mincha & Maariv


 Shabbat Day

On Shabbat Mevorchim only: 7:45 am Tehillim

9:00 am Chassidus Class
9:30 AM: Morning Services

10:30 AM: Reading of the Torah accompanied by penetrating Chassidic insights into the Torah and it's relevance to our personal lives.

10:30 am Children's Program 

Followed by Kiddush lunch

1:15 pm Mincha 

  Evening services, Havdallah and The Living Torah.

Times vary. Please email [email protected]

or Call 212.717.7612 for exact times.