Membership and Fees


The Mikvah is open exclusively for Jewish brides and married women for the purpose of Family Purity (The Laws of Niddah).

Payments can be made with cash, checks or credit cards made payable to "The Mikvah", or through our online form (see below).

Friday night and Yom Tov visits, please mail in your donation or pay through our online form below.

The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah 419 East 77th Street New York City 10075 

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Annual Membership - Thank you for your support! 

$750 - Yearly Membership

$1800 - Silver Membership

$3600 - Gold Membership


User Fees

$45 per use. 

It is customary to add a gratuity for the Mikvah attendant. 

Late night after hours visit: by special arrangement $75.

Daytime visit with permission of your Rov and by special arrangement $100

Bridal Daytime Appointment $80

Payment can be made at the time of your visit, or online. 

Online payment page