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March 5, 2021

Covid 19 Update:

Please be advised that all of the protocols put into place for Covid 19 are still in effect. They are here to preserve and protect every community member from possible exposure to the virus.

1) All visits are by appointment only. Text the mikvah attendant Rochel Greenberg (612)483-5720. The appointments are at 15 minute intervals for each pool.

2) No person with any signs of illness may immerse in the Mikvah. No person exposed to Covid-19 may come until their quarantine period has ended.

3) If you have experienced symptoms you may not immerse in the Mikvah until a complete 14 days have passed since all symptoms have stopped. (With the exception of a lingering cough and your sense of smell which may take months to fully return).

4) All preparations must be done at home. Come to the Mikvah completely ready to immerse as is its a Friday night immersion. At the Mikvah you will look yourself over and wet yourself in the Mikvah.

5) Come to the Mikvah wearing a mask. Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you enter the preparation room. Please wear your mask until you are ready to immerse. 

6) Please leave all jewelry, lenses, and other personal possessions at home.

 If you any questions please consult with a Rov and call us to discuss.

Please note: the Mikvah attendant will stand several feet away from you and have no physical contact. She will be wearing a mask. Please be extra careful with your preparations as the attendant will not be in a position to check you over.

In addition please note the following:

• Each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each use. We maintain a rigorous cleaning schedule to eliminate transmittal of illnesses. We ask that you minimize contact with surfaces. 

• The Mikvah pools, in addition to our usual bromine and chlorination filtration system, are receiving additional rigorous chlorine treatments on a continuous basis during the duration of this virus outbreak. We are following CDC guidance for proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection of our Mikvah which inactivates the virus that causes COVID-19 in pools and hot tubs.

New: In addition to the above we have installed a new UV light sterilization to the filtration system.

• Community members must abide by the self quarantine rules and be extra vigilant in maintaining best practices to eliminate person to person contamination. Any person who is under quarantine must consult her local Orthodox Rabbi and our Mikvah before visiting our facility. In addition, women with compromised immune health or who live with people with increased health risks also must consult a Rav before visiting the Mikvah. 

• Do not come to the Mikvah with any symptoms of illness, including fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and upper respiratory infection.  This is in accordance with the CDC and the advice of various doctors.

May we share only besurot tovot!!!  In the merit of the observance of this holy mitzvah and our eternal commitment to the laws of family purity, may Hashem protect us and empower us to bring spiritual and physical protection to our homes, our communities, and to the entire world. Our faith in Hashem is strong! With wishes for a complete refuah sheleimah to all those affected, and a quick end to this pandemic,

Mrs. Chanie Krasnianski 

The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah

 Please note: If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone please email us at [email protected] We are here and available to help!


Mikvah website: www.Uesmikvah.com

Halachic questions should be directed to your Rabbi

Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun Yoetzet can be reached at www.ckj.org/yoetzethalakha

CDC on coronovirus and pools https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/water.html

NYS Dept. of Health novel coronavirus hotline 1-888-364-3065 / www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html


The Jacques and Hanna Schwalbe Mikvah

Open for all Jewish Brides and Married Jewish Women for the purpose of Nida. 

Location: 419 East 77th Street, between First and York Avenues on the Upper East Side of Manhattan
The Mikvah entrance is the door to the right of the stairs, at the street level. A female guard will admit you.
After descending a grand staircase, the Mikvah attendant will welcome you and escort you to one of our eight magnificent preparation rooms. We offer a spacious Bridal Suite for the bride-to-be. Each room is equipped with a multi-directional shower or jacuzzi bathtub. Relax amidst soft music and radiant floor heating. Amenities available to help with your preparations include luxurious towels and robes, personal toiletries. Each client receives a new toothbrush, comb, and slippers which you are welcome to take home with you!
Our intercom system allows you to communicate directly with the Mikvah attendant. After you notify her, the attendant will escort you to the Mikvah through a private entrance.
The Mikvah is a pristine miniature pool of warm water that lies beneath a mosaic of blue sky and white clouds. It is meticulously cleaned through a natural oxidation process. After you descend and immerse once in the warm Mikvah waters, you recite a blessing and then immerse again. The Mikvah attendant can assist you with the blessing.
This is an opportune moment to pray for yourself and for all your loved ones.
Browse our website or email us at [email protected] for more information. We can also be reached during Mikvah hours at 212-359-2020